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Jason Nash Carpool Dad

125K+ Downloads In Under A Month!

Jason Nash Carpool Dad is the first ever game from YouTuber Jason Nash!


Help Jason get through his day-to-day life in lots of fun packed levels of collecting everything from memory cards for his camera to bagels for his kids (so many bagels!!)


Unlock plenty of different cars, outfits and backgrounds on your journey to becoming the best Carpool Dad on YouTube!



Revenue: 6 Figures in Under a Year.

The HydroFuel app helps you drink and track water intake by calculating and reminding you exactly how much to drink and when to drink it so you stay hydrated throughout the entire day!


Our goal is to help 100,000 individuals with their Hydration Habits, if thats to clear up their skin, to allow them to increase their activity level or to keep their mind at peak performance through the entire day, our goal is to help you learn the real benefits of staying hydrated first hand!

“The app completely opened my eyes to how dehydrated I was before, I feel like I have more energy, my skin has cleared up and have never felt better, thank you!” Sophie

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CHARGD is a charging service for electric vehicle owners. Get roadside assistance, schedule weekly charges and more. CHARGD concierges will come right to your office or home with their mobile charging stations for quick charge services. 

Coming soon...

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